Yuvisney Aguilar

“La musique de Yuvisney Aguilar est un mélange d’Europe et d’Afrique”

Yuvisney Aguilar & “Afro Cuban Jazz Quartet” unfolds the rhythms of black, urban, crossbreed and contemporary Cuban musical culture . Inspired from the wealth of African folkloric rhythms from the Yoruba, Arará, Iyesá and Bantu, cultures, as well as contemporary rhythms such as Tango Congo, Rumba, Timba and Jazz accompanied by vocal choirs (Afro- Cuban chants) that melodically adorn each concert and provoke a constant interaction with the audience.

 “PIANGO-PIANGO” in the Afro-Cuban language means: “Step by Step”. A work based on the mixture of Cuban-Creole music with Jazz and dedicated to the legacy that the African ancestor brought to Cuba.

The beautiful songs and the contagious rhythms that came to the island at the beginning of the 19th century and that today are the heritage of the Afro-Cuban culture, are brought to the scene backed by the harmonic base and the new trends of Modern Jazz.

He is a versatile artist  who has worked in several projects with different music styles, such as:
Cuban and Latin Music; Latin Jazz; Fussion; World Music; Afro Cuban Folklore; Pop; Rock; Classic Music; Flamenco; as well as, he has worked in different Shows of “Recycled Percussion” and dance.

Winner in 2017 of the “Akademia Music Award” (U.S.A.) and Gold Medal Latin Jazz Crossover at the “Global Music Awards” (U.S.A.) with the Album: “POR LA RIVERA DE PAQUITO“.


Nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2017 for his album “PIANGO-PIANGO”.

Georvis Pico, drums:  He has won two Grammy Awards with Celia Cruz and Tribute Album to Paco de Lucía




Genre: AfroJazz, JazzCuba

Label:  Rumor Records



Travelparty:  4 -5

Booking Territory: Europe

  • Yuvisney Aguilar, perc, voice and director of the Afro Cuban Jazz Quartet.
  • Pepe Rivero , PIANO
  • Antonio Miguel, DOUBLE BASS
  • Georvis Pico, DRUMS


Press Reviews

Yuvisney is a versatile artist who has worked in several projects with various music styles, including Cuban and Latin music, Latin Jazz, Fusion, world music, Afro Cuban folklore, Pop, Rock, classical music, Flamenco. He also worked in different shows of “Recycled Percussion” and dance.


Winner of the 2017 “Akademia Music Award” (USA.) and Gold Medal Latin Jazz Crossover at the “Global Music Awards” (USA) with the Album “POR LA RIVERA DE PAQUITO“.