The KutiMangoes

Very authentic and such great playing!” – BBC Radio 6

Afro-beat from the north!

“How unlikely that one of the hottest afro-jazz bands on the planet comes from Denmark. Authenticity is more a question of attitude than origin,” Kieler Nachrichten proclaimed in 2016. In late 2019, The KutiMangoes present their third album Afrotropism, as well as a long tour taking the group far and wide in Denmark and Germany. Since the release of their award winning debut album Afro-Fire in 2014, the band has continuously worked on refining their bold and groovy horn-driven sound to position them as one of the most interesting and hard-grooving bands on the global music scene.


Tropism is a biological phenomenon that indicates growth of a plant in response to the environment. 

After having recorded with African musicians on our first two albums, this third album is centered around TKM as a band. Our idea is to take the musical roots we love so much from the African continent and look at what happens when they meet our musical environment. 

What happens when the roots grow branches and leaves in response to the world they inhabit, the people they meet? 

On a musical level, our mission is to mix cultures and cross borders: 

We are mixing grooves, melodic structures & approaches to music that we have encountered in Africa with our own musical heritage – our craftsmanship as jazz musicians and our passion for composition and new sounds in search of a new, globally oriented music. This means melodies that develop in a west-african bambara tradition, grooves inspired by Mali blues, rhythms from highlife but played with our Nordic approach and sensibilities and instruments: horns, effect pedals, synthesizers, drums and percussion from all over the world.

So our new album is a development of our trademark bold sound that experiments with synthesizers, soundscapes and a bit of electronic effects without losing it’s focus on groove, melody, atmosphere and musicianship.
Last but not least our strong brass section with two saxophones and trombone.






new album AFROTROPISM is released in autumn 2019: 

Line Up

Travelparty: 6+1

Booking Territory: GS

  • Michael Blicher (saxophones & flute)
  • Gustav Rasmussen (trombones & guitar)
  • Aske Drasbæk (saxophones)
  • Johannes Buhl Andresen (fender rhodes & moog bass)
  • Casper Mikkelsen / Eddi Jarl (drums)
  • Magnus Lindgaard Jochumsen (percussion)

Press Reviews

“The Kutimangoes convincingly manage to connect the heart and the ear with their Afrobeat. ‘Afrotropism’ is the result of a musical emancipation and a successful step into independence.” ( Folkers review) 

„Vor allem der kraftvolle Klang tiefer Hörner, wie in Charles Mingus‘ Musik, ergänzt durch mächtige Trommeln, ist es, der ihr drittes Album Afrotropism zu einem umherwirbelnden Vergnügen macht.“ Jazzthetik

 „Mit einem Mix aus Jazz, Funk, afrikanischen Grooves und Calypso-Feeling gehen für meinen Geschmack eine gute Handvoll Musiker aus Dänemark übrigens sehr viel frischer um als seinerzeit Miles Davis und heute sein Neffe.“ rbb Kultur

„Die KUTIMANGOES kommen zwar aus Kopenhagen, spielen aber feinsten AfroPop mit KlapperGroove und sauberen Bläsern, die Afrotropism(Tramp) sogar ein leichtesJazzFlair verleihen. Schlau gemacht!“ Westzeit

Touring 2020 


22.05.: TapTab, Schaffhausen,CH

23.05.: Le Singe, Biel, CH


  • 20.4.18: JazzaHead, D- Bremen
    19.5.18: Inntöne Jazzfestival, A- Diersbach
  • 24.05.2019: Jazzit, A-Salzburg
  • 25.05.2019: Porgy&Bess, A- Wien