Mishko M’Ba Trio

Mishko M’Ba is a renowned French bassist / pianist, composer & producer. He studied western classical music at Toulouse and focused later on jazz and rock. As a much demanded bass player who really makes  his instrument sing, he is touring in USA, Europe and Asia with various bands of different musical styles for many years. He is among the cream of French bassists, having worked with renowned Artists such as Ray Charles, Lucky Ali, Khaled and Didier Lockwood. He has a an exciting, intensely dynamic style, contributing melodic and rhythmic structures which are the very heart of ‘Emergence’: Generations # 3 Cultures # 3 Musical Universes – MM3 Trio  After a first successful experience with the ‘A 3’ Trio (1990) Mishko M’Ba returns to his favorite format-bass, drums, piano- bringing together for this new band, 3 generations, 3 cultures, and 3 musical universes…Between learning, sharing and transmission, the trio combines instrumental mastery and melodic sense for a journey of multiple colored where the 3 musical visions meet and merge in a new refreshing sound.Mishko M’ba’s traveling bass, subtly underlined by the rhythms tinged with the carnatic tones of Arjuna Mariapin, and carried by the delicate and cosmopolitan creativity of Jérôme Vaccari on the piano, everything here creates a resolutely harmonious symbiosis …

Like the demonstration of a symbolic representation of living together A cosmopolitan musician, JV has lived on 4 continents. We could have met him in turn in Cuba enjoying the teaching of musicians from Buena Vista Social Club, in Sweden on tour with a German Jazz Big Band, in New Caledonia teaching improvisation to Kanak musicians or even in Switzerland. in concert with a Cabaret of oriental musicians to name but a few examples of a musical journey interspersed with jazz and world music

JV is a musician who imposes no limits or boundaries on style to satisfy his insatiable curiosity. ReunionIsland, at the crossroads of cultures, was made to please him. Arriving on the island in 2016, he was quickly asked for many projects, notably as musical director of the Jazz Club (the historic Big Band of the island), as arranger or as pianist / keyboardist with the legendary group Sabouk. He shares with his partners in the Mishko M’Ba trio a certain eclecticism and a pronounced taste for novelty, experimentation and discovery Arjuna Mariapin This is the new generation. These young musicians who have had access to all the wealth of the Internet. And Arjuna did not deprive himself of this tool to study the styles of Antonio Sanchez or Chris Dave, his models. He fell into the pot of music thanks to his family which includes many professional musicians, starting with his father, Kiki Mariapin. The latter, well known in Reunion, is the creator of the legendary group Sabouk in which Arjuna plays today.Faithful to his origins, the young Arjuna also learned tablas on his own. Drummer, fluid and natural tablist, we feel that music is second nature to him. Moreover, many in Reunion have made no mistake in calling on this talent, whose breathtaking virtuosity is always at the service of a musical purpose. More than a drummer, Arjuna is a musician interested in all facets of his art. He is resolutely turned towards modernity and always meets cutting-edge improvisers today, whether at a music festival in Miami, during an internship at Berkelee, or when he meets visiting artists at La Meeting. He was able to exchange with Chris Potter, Richard Bona, Cory Henry, Zakir Hussain or even the musicians of Snarky Puppy, one of his favorite groups Bass: Mishko M’ba .Wherever Mishko goes, other musicians are quick to hear from him. The paradox of this often discreet and reserved bass player is that you always notice him! A look, an attitude and above all a flamboyant bass playing make you remember the first time you saw and heard Mishko! This personal and musical charisma, his attachment to human values command respect and have enabled him to lead a successful career in so-called popular music as in traditional or improvised music. Thus, he has multiplied collaborations with leading artists such as Raul de Souza, Barbara Hendricks, Ziskakan, Lucky Ali, Ray Charles, Shy  Ben Tzur, Selva Ganesh, Didier Lockwood, Johnny Halliday, Guthrie Govan. A long stay in India has further enriched the artistic spectrum of this open mind, always eager to learn about other cultures. If his return to Reunion was precipitated by the ups and downs of life, today he blesses the destiny that brought him back to this island: He finds there in the diversity of his influences a rich crucible to express all his artistic maturity acquired over this rich journey. Line Up: Jérôme Vaccari : Piano Arjuna Mariapin : Drums, Tablas Mishko M’ba : Basse Videos:

Territory Europe

Tourdates 2024-2025

April 28th,  -D-Jazzahead Bremen


BR – Porte Alegre Jazzfestival

AUS- Sydney Jazzfestival

Egypt- Culturcenter