Luca Kézdy

Luca is an extraordinary talent with a very special musical approach and individual style.

 Luca Kézdy – SANTA DIVER 

“Kézdy has become the soloist of the band for sure, these musical structures are based on her very emotional melodies with a wild range of dynamics in them, which are sometimes separated into different chapters as part of a specific piece. The tight and significant rhythms of Zsolt Sárvári Kovács are making the others to go with them, his sound is like what can be heard recently by modern American drummers. With such a complex, but very direct without any self-assertive playing is very rare in our musical scene. Szesztay brings the grooves basically, there’s no doubt the bass is the part of the rhythm section, but in the meditative parts there are melodies wich are sometimes transformed into more complex bass themes.” (Zoltán Végső , Élet és Irodalom, 2013)

In 2016, 2017, 2018 one of Hungary’s most respected jazz magazine choosed Luca as “the violinist of the year”.

  • Santa Diver is Luca’s main band where her partners are David Szesztay (bass) multiinstrumentalist-composer, songwriter and David Szegő, one of the most radical member of the young generation of the hungarian contemporary jazz drummers.



concert with Chris Potter and Santa Diver, December 8th,19 in Budapest, 


Genre: Jazz

Alben: Deep Diving 

Label: NarRator Records


Line Up:

Travelparty: 3 – 4

Booking Territory: Europe

Luca Kézdy – violin, effects
David Szesztay – el.bass
David Szegő – drums

Press Reviews

„the impressive young trio Santa Diver featuring a star in the making with astonishing violinist Luca Kézdy” (Jazzwise Magazin  2015) 


There are a lot of good violinists around nowadays. The performance of the trio was testimony that Kézdy has found and established her and her trio’s very own place and profile. To make and keep it interesting and captivating an interlocking of simple pattern and elaborations has to be figured out and set into motion. It was captivating and exhilarating what she did with her trio of bass guitarist Dávid Szesztay and drummer Dávid Szegö. The trio toured neighboring countries and New York recently, joined by leading figure of free improvisation István Grencsó—a combination that would and could make a lot of sense.”    (All About Jazz 2015 


“For the violin-bass guitar-drum trio there are no well threaded paths like the a solo instrument would be a guitar or piano, but Luca Kézdy, Dávid Szesztay and Zsolt Sárvári Kovács don’t even hold on the ropes, which they created earlier for them self. We have the feeling all the time, that they play with such a huge range of freedom, although the landmarks are well created. Many-many serious game in there. ” (Barbara Bércesi , Gramofon, 2013)

“Luca Kézdy is on the right track to get known by a wider range of audience becouse of her unique talent. She takes very seriously what she took upon herself, every note she plays is extremely important for her and she’s behind them 100%.” (Csaba Deseő , JazzMa, 2013)

Touring 2020 

July 17th.:Bayrisches Jazzweekend, Regensburg, D