Herve Samb

Herve Samb is reaffirmed as one of the best African jazz revelations

Born in Senegal, guitarist and composer Herve Samb discovered his passion for music at the age of nine. Fascinated by the traditional rhythms of his heritage and the progressive music of the African American culture, Herve was determined to develop his own music. He started with a quintet that has become very well known in Africa and has shared the stage with stars like Lucky Peterson and McCoy Tyner.

An authentic self-taught man, Herve explored the mysteries of harmony and the technical challenges of his instrument in mad urban jam sessions in Africa before arriving in France in 1998.He immediately attracted the attention of the Parisian jazz stars and, in the wake, started his international career with the likes of Cheikh Tidiane Seck, David Murray, Pharoah Sanders, Meshell Ndegeocello and Jacques Schwarz-Bart. He also worked with Richard Bohringer and for the past three years he has been the musical director of Lisa Simone, the daughter of Nina Simone. He also is working with Somi, american Jazz singer.

 “I found my style in a fusion of ethnic African with forms like jazz, rock, classical music…” That global mix processed by this prodigious versatile and gifted player has found its way onto more than a hundred albums, not too mention innumerable concerts these last twenty years. Which is no mean feat for someone only 35 years old. “Knowledge feeds me.” This view of the world of music and open-mindedness is all part of what makes what he does perpetually contemporary.He is singular, applying himself to diversity, unique and polymorphous. “All that I’ve done is to sound like I want to, who I am: a multicultural musician.” This is the philosophy he’s lived by these last fifteen years. And there is no shortage of examples of his desire to play all styles. He made his first world tour with Amadou and Mariam, and then continued circling the globe with David Murray’s Gwo ka Masters project. The latter led to the album Gwotet, featuring Pharoah Sanders, for which he wrote a composition. Further demonstrating his range, he played alongside Oumou Sangaré on his major tour, accompanied Jacques Scharz-Bart across Europe, as well as the Moroccan singer Aziz Sahmaoui, with whom he’s maintained a long collaboration. Leaping into something entirely different, Hervé accompanied the legendary Jimmy Cliff on a duo tour to promote the Rebirth album. Finding another musical hat in his closet, Hervé wrote “Shirk” for a Meshell Ndegeocello album, on which he played alongside Pat Metheny. Recorded in L.A., the album’s title is an apt description of this polymath’s career: The World Has Made Me The Man of My Dreams. And that vision and eagerness to take in all that the world offers is what has helped him realize his childhood dreams. Who would have imagined that one day he’d be the artistic director of an album by Omar Pene, one of Senegal’s great musical dignitaries? Or that he would direct the recording sessions for Lisa Simone’s album, in which she steps out from the shadow of her illustrious mother? Just two more examples that illustrate Herve’s talents extend beyond the neck of his guitar.Among those projects one stands apart. Stemming from his ties between Paris and New York, Africa and America, a cross- over.




Bingen swingt / Jazz n’allee/ Jazz@the City 


GenreJazz, World Music

AlbenCross Over, Time to Feel, Kharit, Solos – DuosTeranga

Label: AstralwerksEmArcy RecordsCristal Records

Herve Samb + Alioune Seck  (duo)


Travelparty: 5 – 7

Travelparty: 3 – 4

Booking Territory: Europe

  • Herve Samb : Guitar – Vocal / direction musicale 
  • Pathe Jassi : Basse – Contrebasse – vocal 
  • Alioune Seck : Sabar percussions – vocal 
  • Ndiaw Macodou Ndiaye : Drums 
  • Alpha Dieng : Vocal  

Line Up “Time to feel”

  • Herve Samb: g, comp
  • Reggie Washington: b, dble b
  • Sonny Troupe: dms
  • Olivier Temime: ts  

Press Reviews:

“We find on Time to Feel all the ingredients that make Hervé Samb one of the African continent’s greatest revelations at the beginning of the twenty-first century: softness and energy of a mega-melodic technique, feline groove, M-Base-influenced meter and circularity, polymorphic sonority encompassing the history of jazz-rock-electro-bop-acoustic, the blues and a transfigured Africa.” (Jazz Magazine, October 2013)
His spirited and incisive play and his eclectic work do wonders in his last three records: the jubilant “Cross Over”, the meditative “Kharit” and the epicurean “Time to Feel”. And now his new album Teranga a homage for his homeland Senegal.
According to Jazz Magazine, with his last CD Herve Samb assers himself in the 21st century as one of the greatest jazz revelations of a transfigured Africa. (Pressetext)
“Time to Feel is above all a visionary work that digs through the roots of black music in order work them off of each other… With this album Hervé Samb raises the bar high and reveals just what an artist he is, as we’ve seen with this group in the most respected jazz festivals, leaving a mark that stands out in a thousand, this guitarists is one of the great names that matter… Herve Samb has so much intelligence and savoir-faire, be it the level of his compositions, arrangements, his acoustic or electric guitar technique, that each title on this album follows one after the other with subtlety and finesse like a string of polished stones.” (Mac & Guitare).





08.03.20 MASA Festival, Ivor Coast

31.05.20:Afrika Festival Würzburg,D


  • 22.03.19:France 
  • 23.03.19: France
  • 25.03.19: TabTap, Schaffhausen,CH
  • 26.03.19:Sargfabrik,Wien, A
  • 27.07.19:Blues’n Rallye Festival,Luxemburg
  • 30.10.19: Jazzclub Hannover,DE


  • 03.11.18: Le Singe,Biel CH
  • 19.10.18 Jazz@theCity, Salzburg, A
  • 20.10.20: Jazz@the City, Salzburg, A
  • 22.06.18: Jazzfestival Bingen Swingt, Bingen, D
  • 30.01.18: Moods,  Zürich, CH
  • 31.01.18: Spielboden, Dornbirn,A
  • 01.02.2018, 20:00: Unterfahrt, D München
  • 02.02.18: Cafe Museum, Passau,D
  • 03.02.18: Porgy&Bess, Wien,A
  • 05.02.18: Haberkasten, Mühldorf,D
  • 06.02.18: Treibhaus, Innsbruck,A
  • 07.02.18: Kulturpunkt Flawil,  Flawil,CH
  • 08.02.18: A-Trane, Berlin,D
  • 10.02.18: Sudhaus, Tuebingen, D
  • 11.02.18: Jazzhaus,  Freiburg, D
  • 13.02.18:Studio d’Ermitage,  Paris,F