Gabacho Maroc

GABACHO MAROC  “We made jazz but dancing became a necessity”

In only 5 years of existence, Gabacho Maroc has already performed on the podiums of over 200 festivals in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. Critics are never short of praise to describe the group’s highly original style, perhaps best summarized in the words of Patrick Duval, the Director of Hauts de Garonne Festival: “Dialogue among Western, African and Oriental instruments has rarely been engaged so beautifully. Borrowing from world music, jazz, and traditional Gnawa music, their repertoire is variegated, festive and refined.This project, with endless horizons, helps to revive the concept of fusion.”

Das aus französischen, spanischen und marokkanischen Musikern bestehende Ensemble GABACHO MAROC mischte traditionelle Gnawa- und Berber-Musik mit Flamenco-Elementen und einem großen Schuß Jazz. Musikalisch anspruchsvoll und dabei hochgradig tanzbar.


  • ​Tawassol classé Nº1 Meilleur album (Mars 2018
  • Nommé “Best African Jazz Band” (2015)





Genre: afro-gnawa-oriental-jazz-world-fusion
Alben: Tavassol, Bissara

Label: Cristal Groupe


Line Up

booking Territory : GA

Travelparty: 7-8

  •  Hamid Moumen (lead vocals, guembri,)
  • Aziz Fayet (oud)
  • Charley Rose (alto sax)
  • Eric Oxandaburu (bass)
  • Frédréric Faure (percussions, n’goni)
  • Illies Faure (tenor sax)
  • Vincent Thomas. (drums)

Press Reviews

Mit ihrer energiegeladenen Spielfreude riss die Band „Gabacho Maroc“ um Perkussionist Vincent Thomas beim Rudolstadtfestival alle Aufmerksamkeit des Publikums an sich. Rhythmische Vielfalt, ausdrucksstarker Wechselgesang und markige Bläsersätze bestimmten das Konzert der achtköpfigen Formation. J.T.


By combining Western, Arabic and African influences and crossing boundaries with brilliance, Gabacho Maroc have developed their own unique flair. If their debut album BISSARA (Label Oued, 2014) communicated a joyful positive feeling, their live performances are a unique experience – a cocktail of rhythms enriched by the soft and captivating voice of Gnawa Maâlem Hamid Moumem. The eight artists complement each other in a perfect way. The wealth of traditional instruments like guembry, n’goni, djembe, Moroccan frame drums and metal castanets sit perfectly in a bed of bass/kit drums section, electric keyboards and saxophones. Get ready for a fully Moroccan-inspired party!

In 2015, Gabacho Maroc played in more than 40 festivals on four continents (Europe, America, Africa, Asia) and was nominated for best african jazz band of the year for the African Music Awards (Afrima).