Ana Crismán

The harp, in the hands of Ana Crismán, sounds flamenco.

Never before has a harp toured so many styles of this musical genre with a purely flamenco language: seguiriya, soleá, bulerías, alegrías, malagueñas, granainas, guajiras, rondeña, tientos, tangos … these are just some of the many flamenco styles that this Jerez woman plays on the harp. Both with his compositions and when arranging and performing, he leaves an exquisite mix to the listener’s delight: knowledge of the roots, childhood in the very flamenco Jerez, mastery of the compás and highly skilled hands that capture the most difficult and beautiful flamenco in this instrument. pure, resulting in a very sophisticated beauty.

She is a creative artist of a highly refined flamenco expression. 
The harp, with the technical difficulty it presents, surrenders to the mastery of this brilliant self-taught harpist. 
Listening to this flamenco muse live is witnessing art at its best. 
Her musical studies, which began at an early age and her enormous talent have led her to forge herself, creating a new language on the harp, which for the first time, sounds with a flamenco discourse, giving rise to the first source and reference of flamenco harp in the History of music.



Germany,Austria, Switzerland  and on request 


Ana Crismán – harp

1 Singer / 1 Percussion 

1 Dancer  + 1



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