Dream band is a series recording my favourite musicians in new combinations, playing music written especially for them “I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many distinctive and contrasting voices, and want to capture that variety on record, creating space for the musicians to express themselves and shape my music. In 2021 when people weren’t able to play and create as much I tried to go the other way, taking a maximalist approach to make something adventurous and broad in scope. Partly, it was a kind of ‘curating’ – I imagined what different combinations of my favourite musicians would sound like and wrote music for that. “Alex Hitchcock’s triple CD Dream Band: Live In London is a hugely ambitious project. The music, all original and specially composed, was recorded over three nights at London’s Vortex Jazz Club, with a different band, convened by the saxophonist just for the occasion, playing on each of the nights. “I booked the musicians and then wrote the music so I knew exactly who I was writing for. I had ideas of how these musicians with these specific musical voices were going to play my music but it was great to hear the unexpected things people did as well,” he says. “Each band only had the day of the gig rehearsing so it was really satisfying to hear them bring [the music] to life.” “In response to the current challenging climate for artists, Hitchcock has chosen to aim high and be bold. His latest project,Band: Live in London is an innovative undertaking that showcases three distinct ‘dream bands’ formed by his preferred musicians. The bands were captured live throughout three nights at London’s iconic Vortex club, performing music composed for each ensemble. The extraordinary line-ups he curated are proof of the respect he has earned among his peers as a composer, player, and bandleader with a uniquely inspiring vision.

Line Up:
Alex Hitchcock – tenor saxophone
David Adewumi – trumpet (quintet only)
Lex Korten – piano
Harish Raghavan – bass
JK Kim – drums

*Availability in 2025**  ( booking GAS )

March 3rd – 15th 2025

March 21st – 30th 2025

September 8th – 21st 2025

October 13th – 26th 2025


On Tour 2024:

14. Juni: Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
London, UK
15. Juni: Queens Hall Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK
16. Juni:Merchants House
Glasgow, UK
26. Juni:Rochester International Jazz Festival
Rochester, NY
28. Juni:The Glasshouse International Centre for Music
Gateshead, UK
6. Sept.:Vortex Jazz Club
London, UK
8. Sept.:Ems Jazz Festival
Greven, Germany
19. Nov.:London Jazz Festival
London, UK
20. Nov.:London Jazz Festival


Ant Law & Alex Hitchcock Same Moon In The Same World

His new collaboration series with guitarist Ant Law, ‘Same Moon in the Same World,’ is a call for solidarity and connection translated into music. The series takes its name from a line in Haruki Murakami’s 1999 novel Sputnik Sweetheart: ‘we’re both looking at the same moon in the same world. We’re connected to reality by the same line.’ Recorded remotely across multiple continents in 2020 and 2021 in response to a time of unprecedented isolation and atomisation, the first album in the series features guest contributions from vibraphonist Joel Ross, pianist Shai Maestro, bassists Linda May Han Oh, Ben Williams and Jasper Høiby, and drummers Jeff Ballard, Kendrick Scott, Sun-Mi Hong and Eric Harland

A line from Haruki Murakami’s 1999 novel, ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’, has been cited by the duo as the source of inspiration for the album’s title and concept: “we’re both looking at the same moon in the same world. We’re connected to reality by the same line”. It’s beautifully put and all the more poignant when applied to recent circumstances.

Alex Hitchcock , der Saxophonist ist ein unverwechselbarer Improvisator und eine führende Stimme auf seinem Instrument. Der für den Ivor Novello Award nominierte Komponist hat sich durch seine innovativen Kollaborationen einen wachsenden internationalen Ruf als Initiator und Katalysator fesselnder musikalischer Begegnungen erworben, die ‚die Grenzen“ immer ein Stückchen weiter verschieben (jazzmania BE). Jazzwise UK beschreibt ihn als erstaunlich schnell denkenden Virtuosen und zunehmend kreativen Bandleader. Seine Kompostionen sind inspiriert von den einzigartig kreativen und vielfältigen Stimmen der Musiker mit denen er zusammenarbeitet – immer mit menschlicher Verbindung und Kommunikation als Leitprinzip.

Recorded in 2020 and 2021 across multiple continents – bridging the gap between London and Tel-Aviv, and Amsterdam and New York – the album brings together a stellar cast of guest musicians performing new compositions: vibraphonist Joel Ross, bassists Linda May Han Oh, Ben Williams and Jasper Høiby, and drummers Jeff Ballard, Kendrick Scott, Sun-Mi Hong and Eric Harland

Alex Hitchcock – Tenor saxophone

Ant Law – Guitar

Jasper Hoiby – Double bass

Sun-Mi Hong – Drum kit

Territories Europe and on demand


  • June 7th:  NL – Bimhuis

Availabilities: 3- 9 June / July 15-18 and 29-31

 August is available apart from 9-11. 

and on request 






live at London Jazz Festival 0003



‘Already a big presence on the British scene as both an astonishingly quickthinking virtuoso, and an increasingly creative bandleader/composer’

John Fordham

‘Exquisitely subtle collection of tunes… the clearest indicator to date of the stratospheric trajectory on which this super-talented quintet is indubitably heading’

All About Jazz

‘uk post-bop virtuosos alex hitchcock and ant law lead a terrific multinational band’

the guardian

‘some of the tenor lines are nothing short of extraordinary – phrasing that floats in from another atmosphere altogether’

London jazz news