AFRO4 Band to export African jazz music to Germany

Despite emerging as a late entry to the Jazzahead 2024 Showcase in Bremen, Germany, the AFRO4 Band has promised to captivate the audience with their unique sound during the festival, which begun on April 11, 2024.

The Jazzahead Showcase is a leading global event for jazz music, combining an industry trade fair, exhibition, festival, and conference.

Members of the band are the leader, Bright Gain, who sings and plays the bass guitar; Wale Adeyemi, who sings and drums, Luyanda Madope, who sings and plays the piano; and Victor Ademofe, who sings and plays the percussion and another instrument.

Afro4 Band bezeichnet sich selbst als ‚ Jazz-beeinflusste afrikanische Groove-Musik-Superband .“

 Der Bandleader Bright Gain gilt als einer der besten afrikanischen Bassiten, Schlagzeuger Wale Adeyemi und Victor Ademofe (Trompete/Flügelhorn, (Percussion/Gesang) gehören zu den gefagtesten Musikern Nigerias. Der südafrikanische Pianist Luyanda Madope sei zudem ‚die Beste Wahl, die wir uns je hätten vorstellen können, so Gain.
Afro4 Band is a influenced African Groove Music Superband. The leader is one of the great African bassists, Bright Gain. Drummer Wale Adeyemi is one of the most sought-after musicians in Nigeria, as is Victor Ademofe(trumpet/flugel, percussion/voice). The band’s pianist, Luyanda Madope is from South Africa. He’s the best choice God could ever provide.
Bright Gain (b, voc),Wale Adeyemi (dr, voc),Luyanda Madope (p, keys, voc),Victor Ademofe (tpt, flh, perc, voc)


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